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A Recipe from Mami's Kitchen: Cucumber Salad

cucumber cucumber salad hungarian food salad

A Recipe from Mami's Kitchen   My maternal grandmother, Mami, was of Austrian and Hungarian ancestry. She did the majority of the cooking at our home when I was growing up in Budapest since my parents were busy running their restaurant that was situated just below our house. I didn’t always know if I was eating Hungarian or Austrian food and still get surprised to this day when I find one of her old recipes in a cookbook.One day my Mami told me to try a salad dish she always served with chicken paprikash. I had absolutely no desire to...

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Gluten Free Hungarian Dumplings (Galuska)

all natural ingredients chicken paprikash dumpling ethnic food galuska gluten free gluten free dumpling hungarian dumpling hungarian food

Ingredients Four (4) Eggs Three (3) Cups of Gluten-Free Flour One (1) Cup of Whole Milk or Half and Half Steps Mix milk and eggs together Fold the milk and egg mixture into the flour Mix all ingredients together until is thick (sort of a gooey mess) Put the mixture onto a plate Boil water with salt in a large pot Spoon small portions of the mixture into the water (dip spoon into water after each dumpling) Cook for approximately 15 minutes or until tender (cooked through the middle) Ingredients: 4 Eggs, 3 cups of white all-purpose flour, 1 Cup of...

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