Üdvözöljük! (Welcome!)

I have been cooking Chicken Paprikash and other authentic Hungarian dishes for friends and family since I emigrated from Hungary to the United States as a child. It has brought me such joy over the years, so on a whim in 2008, I entered the Cleveland Paprikash Cook-Off. I was honored that my chicken paprikash was selected as the winner, by a landslide, in the popular vote category.

I was bombarded with questions from event attendees as to where they may be able to eat or buy my chicken paprikash. One gentleman suggested that I produce a sauce so that they can make and eat at home. At the time, I thought it was impossible since cooking chicken paprikash was a 3-5 hour process.

However, I toyed with the idea for the next two years and much to my surprise I was able to develop a formula and a manufacturing process which recreated my award winning paprikash. And this is how JOZSEF’S PREMIUM PAPRIKASH SAUCE was born!!

We encourage you to visit the Recipe section to see step-by-step instructions on how to use Jozsef’s Premium Paprikash Sauce. We have also included recipes for Beef Paprikash, Veal Paprikash and other authentic Hungarians side dishes such as Galuska and cucumber salad.