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I tried your sauce after reading the article in the Plain Dealer and I loved it! It is rich without being too spicy. Just wonderful, rich, tasty and really easy. I will buy it again without fail.

— Barbara (Cleveland, OH)

My chicken paprikash was a big hit with the whole family. There is absolutely no way to make a mistake with this sauce. The directions on the jar are very clear. You can also get the directions, with pictures, on the web site. I never thought that I would be able to make one of my favorite dishes in my own kitchen with no fuss & no mess! Thank you Joszef!

— Kris (Westlake, OH)

I tried your Premium Paprikash Sauce, and it was SUPERB! Just like grandma used to make. It was as good as I have ever tasted! I used to make my own chicken paprikash, but that meant many hours in the kitchen. Now with this Premium Paprikas Sauce it’s only 10 minutes work, and then simmer for 1 1/2 hour or less. It is FOOL PROOF. Quick and simple and fast. No mess, no fuss.

— Richard (Belmont, MI)

We had chicken paprikash made with Jozsef’s Paprikash Sauce tonight and it was terrific. We’re big cooks and food snobs and don’t eat prepared foods (like the "simmer sauces" from Trader Joes). This sauce was so rich in flavor…amazing. We’ll need to get a few for the pantry.

— Nancy (Maplewood, NJ)

I purchased your sauce at Heinen’s after seeing an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I made chicken paprikash and have to say that it was absolutely wonderful and so easy to prepare. I make chicken paprikash from scratch that is excellent as well, but it’s very time consuming and cost much more to make. Paying $8 a jar for Jozsef’s Paprikash Sauce is well worth every penny.

— Mary Ellen (Cleveland, OH)

This Paprikash Sauce is all fresh, authentic and delicious. It would normally take me hours to make, but with a little help from Jozsef’s Paprakash Sauce. I will have dinner in just a few. Great stuff!

— Tanya (Lake Worth, FL)

This is the BEST sauce I have ever tasted. It reminds me of my grandma’s chicken paprikash from when I was younger! Everyone should try it and you’ll agree!

— Jim (Cleveland, OH)

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